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Internal marketing to deliver a brand promise

By March 26, 2022May 17th, 2022No Comments


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  • Insights and strategy
  • Internal marketing
  • Internal communications
  • Stakeholder engagement


Each year, four billion tonnes of freight are transported across Australia but 1 in 10 deliveries are delayed, lost or misrouted.

As a technology-driven fourth-party logistics provider, efm bridges the service gap between a traditional carrier and its customers, which include leading wellenss brand, Swisse, custom golf club manufacturer, Taylormade and iconic Australian cleaning product company, Sabco.

The viability of efm depends on their ability to deliver on their promise of ‘no better experience’, and this is determined to a very large degree by the attitude and commitment of around 200 team members.


efm engaged Echomakers to partner with its People and Culture team to co-create an internal marketing and communications strategy to guide the employees to a better understanding of, and passion for, the brand vision and to promote behaviour aligned with their cultural values. 

Our approach consisted of:

  • A comprehensive audit to understand current communications and opportunities.
  • Development of a data-led strategy to guide employees to enable employees to ‘live’ the vision in their day-to-day activities.
  • Alignment of internal messaging around company objectives.
  • Creation of communication opportunities to make the brand values top of mind

With this foundation we were well positioned to launch a series of new communications including:

  • Quarterly all-hands meetings
  • Employee performance awards
  • All new content for the employee induction program
  • Messaging and content for the 2021 Sales and Leadership conference
  • A series of monthly internal newsletter communications


The 2021 employee engagement survey, facilitated by an external provider, reported increases in employee satisfaction, retention and commitment between 2020 and 2021. Echomakers continues to partner with efm for both strategy and implementation.

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